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Summer club meetings.
Unlike most camera clubs, we don't shut down in the Summer, but our host rugby club does!  Our last meeting at the rugby club is on Thursday 11th April.  We will be returning to our usual opening days, times and place when the rugby training begins in August.  

There will be a Summer rugby competition held on Wednesday evenings starting on 5th June and we will switch our Thursday meetings to Wednesday for the duration of the competition- five weeks.  

We will still be meeting twice a week in this period, but the places and evenings will vary, so if you are interested in joining or visiting our club, please do not just turn up at the club ad hoc.  Contact us and we can let you know where and when our meetings are.

We are a small friendly club whose roots can be traced back for over 50 years.  Catering for photographers of all abilities, our members have a wide range of interests and are always willing to share their knowledge.  We can help with all aspects of photography, cameras, editing and computers and cater for people at any level of photography.
We meet twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.30 until 10pm.
We also meet throughout the year unlike most clubs who close over the Summer period.  During the Summer months our Tuesday meetings are held at local places of interest where we practice our photography.
Two meetings a week

Regular competitions from Autumn to Spring. While  these are informal in style, they are still keenly fought.  In addition  we place club entries in regional competitions.

Technique instruction nights where we cover all aspects of photography including lighting, metering, editing, mounting, composition,  sports photography, wildlife photography, and more.  The content of our programme is driven by what our members want.

Studio sessions with professional models.

Evenings out to local places of interest.  These are mainly arranged during the Summer months.
No Summer shut down
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